Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Brooke Garwood Malik the shining star of the styling industry

Parallel to the fashion industry, runs the styling industry. It has grown in the recent past and become one of the most sought after professions as well. Ms. Brooke Garwood Malik is a person who has formed the ground of the styling industry and has worked with the best in the business. She basically works as a men's clothier and knows exactly what it takes for a person to look the absolute best!

Ms. Malik studied at the Central Michigan University and has Bachelors of Science in Business and Economics, which reveals that she is not only a crafty business woman but also a learned one. Ms. Malik is a busy woman and juggles work and family efficiently well. Brooke Garwood Malik worksfrom three bases namely, Michigan, Birmingham and New York. She works with people who have a taste of high-end wear. She is a custom clothier and exhibits the finesse of her work with each project she undertakes, giving the best results.

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